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This site was created to showcase the work and legacy of Neal J. Conan - American radio journalist, producer, editor, correspondent, and author. Here you can hear and read about Neal’s work for yourself. The site is a work-in-progress and content will continue to grow over time. If you were a friend, fan, or colleague of Neal’s, you can share memories of Neal to be documented as part of his legacy.


Neal J. Conan was a significant contributor to the creation of the United States’ public radio system, serving as a radio journalist, producer, correspondent and program host at National Public Radio (NPR) as well as Hawaii Public Radio and WNYC for nearly four decades. During Neal’s long tenure at NPR, he was a senior host of “Talk of the Nation,” a producer of “All Things Considered,” a bureau chief in New York and London, and he also worked at the NPR headquarters as an executive producer, foreign editor, correspondent, managing editor, and news director. Among other honors, Neal won a George Foster Peabody Award and three DuPont-Columbia University Awards over the course of his career.

“Neal was old school. I say this as a compliment. He was not flashy. He was not a self-promoter. He never took the easy route. He held himself to the highest standards. He cared.”

 –Chris Hedges, American journalist and author

“Respectful, objective, and superbly grounded, Neal Conan was exactly the man we could not afford to lose.”

– Ted Koppel, anchor of ABC’s “Nightline”

“When Neal was sitting at the anchor desk, you knew things were under control.”

–John Ogulnik, Former NPR Producer

“Neal did every job you could do in radio. He was terrifically gifted at everything,”

– Robert Siegel, Former Host of NPR’s “All Things Considered”

“[Neal’s] stunning skills as a journalist, combined with his expansive sense of humanity, created a unique moment in public radio.”

–Sue Goodwin, Former NPR Producer

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