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Truth, Politics, and Power

Neal’s notion behind “Truth, Politics, and Powers” was to remind listeners about existing literature written over the last half century about autocratic political systems, anti-democratic movements and fascism, giving historical context to current events. In Neal’s own words: 

“I started ‘Truth, Politics and Power,’ a one hour program that delved into one issue every week, including ‘America First,’ ‘The Deep State,’ ‘The Politics of Disaster,’ and so on. The program was designed to go both more deeply and widely than the usual round-up-of-the-week’s-calamities podcasts. Instead of a regular cast of pundits, we conducted in-depth, focused conversations with writers, thinkers, historians and scholars.

But we decided we needed to go even deeper. In 2018, we re-imagined TP&P as a limited series, to explore one issue at a time. In partnership with American Public Media (APM), we started with ‘The Democracy Test,’ six one hour episodes based on the idea that many of the crises we face now are not new, and that we have lessons to learn from history. We enlisted Boston College historian Heather Cox Richardson as a co-host. All six episodes (‘Why Democracy’ ‘A House Divided’ ‘Consent of the Governed’ ‘Created Equal’ ‘Checks and Balances’ ‘Truth and Faith’) are archived at:

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